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Super Zombie World

2010-05-19 20:35:45 by MurderMysteryMan

NOTICE: I want actors for free. No cash involved. I know that may be far-fetched, but I am inflexible on this manner.

I need voice actors. Here is an example of my Flash skills (
) so you know I'm at least decent. I like Mario. This is another Mario sprite animation. This one is called Super Zombie World. It's your typical zombie apocalypse clip, but in the Mario world.

AUDITIONS ARE CLOSED. These are the people who made it. Please don't be mad if you didn't make it in an area.

Mario: TheFlyingChinchilla
Luigi: TNeums1
Peach: Alexandria
Daisy: D'Evelyn
Toadette: Trinn
Toadsworth: Krow
E. Gadd: TheFlyingChinchilla
Ludwig: Gustavos
Gary: Budge007
Bill Board: MdarkbladeM
Eldstar: Budge007
Intercom: 6Mithos9
Fice T.: Budge007

Super Zombie World


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2010-05-19 20:47:28

I'm a free voice actor! I don't care about getting cash, I just want to be a voice actor and say funny things. and goof off, If you need a voice actor, Please hire me! XD


2010-05-19 20:50:51

sweet! i can do a awsome luigi voice, i can get a demo to you soon.


2010-05-19 21:11:14

I'll record my voice for the part of Intercom Voice. I'll send you a note when I upload it to youtube.


2010-05-19 21:24:20

I could do Gary or Toadsworth or Fice T. I can do, like some old guy.

PM me if you're interested.


2010-05-19 21:42:37

I can do a voice, but I ain't gots no microphone. So boo hoodley hoo.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Then why reply? If you get one...


2010-05-19 21:43:58

I'd go so far as to voice Mario or Luigi.

Would you say that this gig will get a little attention? Either way, message me if you need me.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Hopefully, it will. But I honestly cannot promise.


2010-05-19 21:51:41

Id do it but sprite flashes are not my thing :\

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Would that really affect your voice?


2010-05-19 21:59:35

Can Ludwig Von Koopa have a German accent? He always seemed like a Nazi to me. All Ws are pronounced as Vs and all Js are pronounced as Ys. If so, I'd love to do his voice. :D


2010-05-19 22:17:54

If you need a voice actor than I'm your guy! I will act for you so that I can help you and myself. n/330208 This is the link to my voice demo. Send me a message if you want my talents!


2010-05-19 22:32:58

If you can tell me how I might be able to save my voice onto an MP3 then I would gladly work as a voice actor for you.


2010-05-20 00:50:10

I may be able to help. Send me a message if you need me and I'll be happy to provide a sample of my skills.


2010-05-20 01:09:12

This looks interesting. If you need a voice you can check out my Flashes and my Voice Reel. If you need something in particular for a certain character, I can send you something.


2010-05-20 01:30:02

I'd be interested in playing Bill Board. Expect auditions from me over the weekend.


2010-05-20 03:36:41

I'd be more than happy to provide my voice. I need to get myself noticed anyway. :3

First off, who's already been taken for roles? That way I can determine which ones I'll do for ya. Also, how would you like the recording? Would you like me to put it on Youtube, or would you like me to record the clips separately?

If you're interested, lemme know via PM or something.


2010-05-20 10:33:41

I'd like to try voice acting myself. I haven't done any projects yet, but I'm good at impressions, have a wide vocal range (i'd like to think) have been told I can match pitch( by a singing coach) and willing to do this for free. I don't have the best of mics, so if that doesn't bother you, I'm willing to try any male character, and could get a demo out to you. Pm me if interested.


2010-05-30 15:50:11

Ahoy there, here are my audition files:

Didn't see any other way to post my auditions so there you have it. In case you have any problems, just shout. I'll keep my eyes around this place. :)

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Okay thank you very much :)
I'll get back to you on the results.


2010-05-31 20:29:29

Hi there! I am interested in playing one of the larger parts, but if someone else has already gotten them, I'd be happy to play a smaller part! Here's my voice acting of Eldstar and Bill Board:
Thank you!

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Added. Thanks for audtioning. I'll get back to you on the results.


2010-07-08 17:05:44

What's the progress on the movie? :)

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Working on it. I've gotten most of the intro done. I'll make another post about it soon.