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Super Zombie World is Out

2010-09-18 09:30:05 by MurderMysteryMan

Super Zombie World is Out! :D

Check it out!

Unfortunately, it's just part 1. I couldn't fit the whole thing, so I guess that's what I'm going to be working on next.

EDIT: PLEASE LOOK: The animation is NOT choppy. There seems to be a lagging issue with it. Sometimes it'll just play a part with lag, causing things to not play correctly. It's minor, but I don't like it. Anyone know how to fix it?

Super Zombie World is Out


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2010-09-18 09:37:24

So You Maed a Gaem With Zombiez InIt?!?!?!?!?!11?1/


2010-09-18 09:38:19

(turns out it isn't a game. i'm ashamed)


2010-09-18 09:46:44

Again, left a helpful review. :)


2010-09-18 12:18:07

Just say it and I gotta say i'm very happy with what I saw.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

That's great :D


2010-09-18 13:45:04

I left a review with helpful tips, Ill pick out more when it starts working again.


2010-09-18 15:33:07

well is a good sprite movie with a great idea


2010-09-18 18:11:59

Heheh, sorry about the indistinct speech, man. Hope everyone can understand what Mario is saying...

MurderMysteryMan responds:

It wasn't your fault, there was just a lot of static. When I tried to get rid of it, it cut of the last letter sometimes. : /


2010-09-21 13:43:03

the movie didn't lagg to me i think is computer problem or just internet explorer because i saw it on firefox...GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Really? That's good news. Thank you :)


2010-09-30 22:55:25

Yes, please, keep the credits for the end of the video next time. If it wasn't so long, I would've watched the whole thing though haha. Good movie from what I saw with great ideas, so, gl on 2


2011-03-20 00:36:39

This is a pretty good SMB zombie movie. I really am looking forward to part 2. How close is it to being complete?


2011-04-19 20:53:20

wanna join my collab :O